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Prompt diaper replacement immediately after wetting is the best solution to avoid rashes and skin irritations. In addition, you will save money by significantly reducing unnecessary diaper changes.

Geego Baby Diaper has high absorbent polymers to keep liquid away, the double leak-proof barrier to prevent leakages, extra-stretch waistbands and side bands with cottony touch for baby’s comfort, anatomical structure designed to fit baby’s body, soft textile touch to prevent rashes, and a wetness indicator so can know when to change the baby.

Caring For Babies With Sensitive Skin

Using diaper cream or lotion with each new diaper change may help some infants with sensitive skin, while many infants do not need it. If you have cloth diapers, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines on how best to clean them. Only use mild detergents for washing, and never run a separate rinse cycle if using laundry detergent.

If you are using baby shampoo, look for a gentle, alcohol-free formula, as any stronger than this could cause irritation. After washing, blot the surface with paper towels and only use soapy water if necessary to keep the skin from drying out.

Most babies do not need to use lotion to protect their delicate skin. Babies with normal skin types will not have problems with their skin drying out between diaper changes. However, if your baby has very sensitive skin or acne problems, it is important to use moisturizer. A good moisturizer will not dry out the skin, as it will help to retain moisture by forming a barrier against excess heat or wind.

Some doctors and dermatologists say that babies with sensitive skin should avoid using perfumed or scented products, such as soaps, bubble baths, bubble shower gels, toilet seat covers, and toilet bowl cleaners. If you are pregnant, it is wise to avoid perfumed toilet paper and toilet bowl cleaner.

Things To Avoid For Babies With Sensitive Skin

Some physicians suggest that if a newborn shows symptoms of rashes and/or allergies in the first two months of life, parents should stop using certain products immediately and seek medical advice.

If babies with sensitive skin have trouble breathing when they sleep, parents can try to gently massage their tummies or hands before going to bed to help prevent such problems. Babies with sensitive skin may also be more likely to bruise easily. To prevent bruises, try rubbing soft cotton balls over their bruises rather than trying to squeeze them with the hands.

Avoid applying too much pressure when lifting a child from the bed, and use only baby powder or baby oil on baby clothing to reduce friction. in the event of a fall, gently pat the bottom to relieve the pressure and keep the skin from getting too irritated. If you have sensitive skin, you should wash your hands thoroughly with hot water to kill bacteria before and after touching the baby.

If your baby is fussing excessively during the night, try to gently pat them on the back rather than apply a gentle touch to the face or neck. Try not to give him or her too much attention unless you know that he or she needs it. Gentle physical contact is important to help reduce fussy-ness. Also, give babies who are experiencing teething relief a bath or shower before or after a feeding.

Babies with sensitive skin usually get colds and are more prone to sickness than other children. Be careful not to rub or scratch your baby’s face because this may irritate the skin and make the problem worse.

Most mothers who have had babies who have sensitive skin claim that baby powder or baby oil helps reduce the occurrence of skin irritations and dryness. Babies with sensitive skin usually need less frequent baths or showers.


You may also want to consider using baby powders or baby lotions on your own skin to minimize irritation. If you prefer, you may use olive oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, or aloe vera gel on your baby or use baby shampoo that has these ingredients. to help soothe an infant’s irritated skin without adding too much heat to the face. Check out Geego Baby Diaper products to resolve your baby sensitive skin issues.

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