The ability to cross the body’s midline and a well-developed sense of body awareness plays an important role in overall body coordination, the foundation of many important developmental milestones and everyday activities. It is critical that parents and caregivers help children develop these skills from an early age. The good news is that there are a number of ways to develop these skills in children, and most are a lot of fun!


Encourage your baby to use both hands when holding and exploring objects. Clapping hands and banging blocks together are fun bilateral games.


Creeping, climbing, and crawling games promote the coordination of the body’s sides. All ball games! Ball pits and foam pits give children full pressure around their bodies as they swim around and try to make their way out of the pit. Let your toddler pull, squeeze, and manipulate playdough.


Skipping, hopping, and running. Riding on scooters or tricycles. Swimming – the water’s tactile feedback working against the body, is a great way to increase body awareness. Playing Twister.

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