The best baby gates for stairs don’t just protect babies from falling off the stairs. They do offer some other functional features desirable by the baby. These gates must be expandable in nature, which is a helpful feature that ensures that there are extremely tight spaces in-between the gates to prevent the baby from passing through. The gates must also provide some comfortable touches, for instance, many of them are rubberized to provide a firm grip, the ideal gates must be gentle on the baby and must not come with sharp edges that can cause injuries.

Table of The Best Baby Gates For Stairs

Reviews of the top 5:

1. Review of Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

One of the best features on this baby stairway gate is that it comes with a door stopper that prevents the door from opening towards the staircase- this will avoid any form of accidental access for the baby when the door opens. The width of the gate can be expanded from 28 inches to 48 inches, making the gate very flexible and adjustable for a wide range of staircases.

This product is flexible because it can be used in-between the rooms as well as the stairways. With its pressure-mount design, it is very easy to position this gate in-between doorways by mounted tension bolts. The hardware mount on this gate is another option that ensures that the installation of the gate is more secured. The door stopper is included in the hardware mount and it makes the gate usage at the top or bottom of the stairways.

The auto-close feature on this product makes it one of the best baby gates for stairs. This feature allows the door to close gently behind you, as you walk through the gate. The auto close will also prevent the door from swinging open and that makes it ideal as a security feature. It also features a one-hand walk through option whereby the door of the gate can open in either direction and can conveniently be operated with just one hand. With the dual locking system, you can rest assured that the door of the gate is securely locked at any point in time and your baby is secured.

With an added advantage of a great price, this is definitely one of the best options of baby gates for stairs you should consider.

2. Review of Regalo Home Accents Extra Wide and Tall Baby Gate Walk-Thru, Décor Hardwood Included

This is a hardwood gate for stairs that comes in a wide range of sizes. These are; the 6-inch extension kit, 4-inch extension kit plus wall-mount kits. This is one of the best gates for stairs, especially if you want something for babies within 6-36 months of age. The straightforward pressure mount set-up, alongside an easy-to-close handle, make this gate very comfortable and adjustable. The safety lock on this gate meets all safety standards. This gate is not only suitable for babies, but it is also ideal for pets.

The enhanced styling of this gate has not compromised its quality standards.  No tools are required to set this gate up, and it comes with some soft rubber bumpers that are quite gentle on the walls, thus preventing scratches or other mechanical dents. This gate can be easily dismantled for easy storage.  With the 4 & 6-inch wide extension, you can adjust this gate to cover the doorway, stairs, and hallway.

With an all-steel design, this gate is entirely durable. Hence you can use it for several years without any problem. The walk-through door on the gate makes it even more convenient and it does not open unnecessarily. If you want additional extensions to the 4-inch and 6-inch available, you have to purchase such separately.

There is plenty of room for the mountable adjusters on this gate for stairs, and that is why the product remains one of the most flexible gates for stairs you can choose for your baby. The price may be slightly higher than many of its competitors but you will surely get a great bargain for your money especially with the numerous accessories that come with it.

3. Review of Portico Arch Gate by the North States

An ideal heavy-duty metallic gate for stairs. It shuts firmly with a single push, while the triple locking system ensures that your baby is securely protected against opening the accidentally. It also has the “hold-open” feature that allows for multiple passes through and to keep the child gate opened, when you are around. This is one of the best gates for stairs especially for the bottom of stair usage and for a diverse room opening sizes.

Portico Arch Gate will compliment your home décor especially with its stylish curves, and neutral colors. With the one-hand operation method, you can secure your baby while you move from one place to the other. The one-hand operation comes with a double locking feature, for added safety. The multi-directional swinging capabilities add some fun to the gate, even though it is meant to provide multi-directional movement for you and the baby. At 16lbs, this product is still lighter than many of its main rivals. Similarly, it comes at a very affordable price, though, slightly costlier than many of its rivals but the premium quality design is a great bargain for this product. If you want the ideal combination of quality, durability, and style, this is one option you should go for.

The product is suitable for babies of diverse age groups, most especially those in the 6-36-month age group. This is a brand that has been on the frontline for innovative and superior quality products since 1953, and the finest raw materials have been used to design the Portico Arch gate, making it one of the most durable gates for stairs, in the market today. As a confirmation of this superior quality, the manufacturers offer a 1-3-year warranty on many of its products (including the Portico Arch gate).

4. Review of Munchkin Loft Aluminum Hardware Mount Baby Gate for Stairs, Hallways, and Doors

This is an aluminum hardware mountable gate for stairs with maximum durability and strength. This is one of the best gates for stairs, especially for babies within 6 and 24-month age bracket. The index styling comes with some pre-set index positions that make it possible to adjust the gate to different widths.

You can achieve an ideal vertical fit to the wall by using the gate’s integrated tuning system and the door can swing open in both directions, while the double locking system makes handling a lot easier on this gate. The double-locking system is pretty complicated for children to use, but easier for adults, hence your baby wouldn’t unlock the gate unless you do so.

The integrated tuning system perhaps is the best feature on this gate because it provides an easy installation against any irregular surface wall. Similarly, this feature makes it possible to hang the gate over the floor, in such a way that you don’t stamp your toes while walking through the gate. The gate is completely safe and there are no sharp edges anywhere on the gate that can cause injuries and it is relatively light, which means you can carry it from one part of the house to the other without stress.

The modern aluminum styling of this gate makes it so sleek and aesthetically appealing. With 1-year limited warranty, you can return this product for any fault within 12 months. Aside from the Aluminum gate, you will also receive the accessory kit, along with an instructional manual when you purchase the package. It seems the slightly high price of this product is the reason for its 4.5/5 average rating.


5. Review of Arched Auto-Close Gate with Easy-Step by the North States

This is a highly secured baby gate for stairs. It has a door stopper that swings in one direction when in use, or in both direction when not in use, thus providing great convenience for movement. With tension knobs for pressure mounting, this gate can be quickly mounted for different openings on stairs or rooms. There are two extensions included in this package to raise the height to 30”. If you want to widen this safety gate, then you have to purchase the arched auto-close gate, with additional extensions, separately.

One of the convenient features you will find here is the triple-locking feature for added security. The hold-open feature is another convenient option that ensures that the gate is kept opened at angle 90 degrees, ensuring that all family members can walk-through when the gate is in the open-position option.

This is one of the best baby gates for stairs because of the possibility of extending its width to over 63 inches, and the reason for that is that you can include multiple extensions at the same time. Though the optional extensions are sold separately, you may find them useful, especially if you want to create a barrier in an extensive area.

The North States has been making quality products for homes and pets since the year 1953. Hence, it has remained one of the most trusted brands in the world.  This product is JPMA approved and has been subjected to several mechanical and non-mechanical damage tests for which it has been certified to be of excellent quality. The product is highly durable and resistant to chemical and water.

When it comes to price, the arched auto-close gate is much more affordable than many other accessorized gates within its range.

Buying guide for baby gates for stairs

Experts suggest that a baby gate should be bought when your baby starts crawling. Using the gate to protect the baby from the stairs will make life a lot easier for you. Most safety gates are designed for children between the age of 6 months and 3 years. Likewise, you must ensure that the gate has been tested to ensure that they are actually capable of protecting your baby. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best baby gates for stairs, these are;

–    Types of gates (hardware or pressure mounted),

–    The features

–    Where to use the gate,

–    The slat sizes,

–    The construction,

–    What to avoid.

#1: The type

The types of the gate you choose will either be the hardware or pressure mounted. Usually mounted gates by hardware are more secure than the pressure mounted. They are usually made of wooden material or aluminum tubing, with steel coated with enamel. This gate is typically set up by screwing the brackets into the frame of the door or the frame located at the back of the walls. If you are mounting the gate at the top area of the stairs, then hardware option is your only choice. Make sure you install this gate to ensure that it opens toward the landing. The only advantage of the pressure mounting is that it erases the need to drill any hole, on the gate, unlike the hardware mounted option. Usually gates which are pressure-mounted will be made from either nylon mesh, wires, or coated plastic materials.

#2: The features

Make sure you buy a gate that is at least ¾ of the total height of your child, so that he will not attempt to climb over. Experts suggest that the height of the best gate for stairs should be no less than 22 inches. The taller the gate, the better.

It would be best if you considered a gate that is made of sturdy construction with a proportional finish. Make sure any wooden surface is free of splinters and smooth, and consider choosing round edges instead of square corners. The metal may be sturdier than wood but make sure it does not cause any tripping hazard when opened.

The spacing of the slat of the gate is also essential. Make sure the slats are vertical otherwise the bars must be 3 inches less or less apart, in order to avoid the head of the baby being trapped in-between. For the sake of adventurous toddlers, it is essential to keep the slats of the gate at less than 2.5 inches to ensure that they do not get injured while trying to squeeze through.

Consider checking the latches and other hardware components of a gate before making your final choice. Make sure you are able to push down the latch with a single hand, do not go for gates that open only when you compress certain section of the gate- they can be challenging to use in the long run and they may even spoil quickly. You may want to consider gates with handle using pressure that can easily be opened with a single hand or some options with pedals for foot, to unlock the latch.

#3: Installation ability

There are some gates you can easily installed anywhere, including the stair balusters, and drywall, but there are some gates that will require special kits for such installation. If the special kits are included in the price of a gate, then you should go for it, instead of searching elsewhere for such kits. Also, it would help if you considered certain kits that will allow you to clamp the gate in new places instead of drilling, such kits will make installation more convenient, especially when you have to dismantle the gate and store. Secondly, you should go for gates that are designed to fit into irregularly shaped places. They can save you money, time and energy.

#4: Decide where you want to use the gate

Keep in mind that a hardware-mounted baby gate for stairs can be more difficult to dismantle, than the pressure-mounted gate, but the hardware gate is the safer choice anywhere your baby’s falling risks are high. You may want to use the pressure-mounted gates for areas that are much safer because such gates can be easily dismantled and stored.

#5: The construction

You need to ensure that you conduct a test on what you want to buy. If you are going for a gate with a wooden finish, then make sure the entire surface is smooth. If you are going for metal-constructed gates, then they must have round edges instead of square corners, to prevent any form of injury to the baby or parent. Make sure you test each brand or model of gates to be sure that they can be easily used at home. Don’t get carried away by the beauty or the number of accessories on a particular brand of the baby gate for stairs, comfortability, and ease of usability is more important than any other factor.

#6: what to avoid when buying a baby gate for stairs

Experts suggest that you avoid purchasing the old-fashion accordion-styled gates for stairs that has horizontal filler bar, located at the top. It is believed that those models of gates with diamond-shaped spaces located in-between the slats and with V-shaped openings situated at the top can pose serious injury risks to the baby. There are some newer gates with a similar appearance. These gates have a horizontal rail or the filler bar, located across the top in order to make the baby gates safer. It is possible to find gates with Open-V shape filler bar, in some second-hand stores, these baby gates for stairs do not meet the required standards. Hence they cannot be recommended, for the sake of the safety of your baby.

#7: Price

It is important to note that the prices of baby gates for stairs do not determine the quality of such products. Some gates can be higher in prices based on the number of accessories they come with, and at the same time you must be wary of going for extremely cheap gates, they could pose serious health hazards to you and your baby. Make sure you put quality above prices when making a final choice on baby gates for stairs.


In conclusion, having a baby gate for your baby will save you lots of stress, and anxiety. Babies can be quite adventurous especially between the age of 6 months and 3 years. They need proper guidance and monitoring in order to ensure that they do not suffer serious injuries. Choosing the right baby gate is perhaps one thing you must get right in the beginning. Though the brand name is quite important because of integrity, there are newer brands that are worth considering because they can compete favorably even at lower prices, against the older brands.