1. Let him choose his own fruit when you’re at the shops – he’ll enjoy eating his personal selection.
  2. Allow him to be a part of the food preparation – even if it’s something very simple like adding grated cheese as a garnish.
  3. Allow him to make (healthy) choices. Offer him three vegetables and ask which one he would prefer with his chicken, say.
  4. Prepare exciting meals at home. Add colour and variety by serving food in fun shapes on plates with his favourite cartoon characters on them.
  5. Talk to your baby about how yummy the meal is going to be. Don’t rush your child – if he’s a slow eater, let him take his time.
  6. Make mealtimes sociable occasions that are eaten around a table. Invite cousins and friends around occasionally and have a tea party where food can be shared.
  7. To encourage babies to eat fruit and vegetables, show them you eat them yourself and how good they are and taste.
  8. If you want your child to try something new, try offering it up with something he loves and is familiar with – like a new vegetable alongside his favorite burger, for instance.

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