Whether it’s love at first sight or a slower process, you and your baby will start to form this powerful attachment

Bonding is the strong attachment and love you feel for your baby. It is nature’s way of ensuring the survival of these helpless little beings, making us want to feed, shelter, and protect them. However, bonding is a process, not a moment. Not all moms feel an immediate rush of love – if you are one of them, don’t worry. There are ways you can ensure that special affinity starts to happen.


Touch is a language that babies understand. Stroking, nuzzling, massaging, cuddling, and napping together – these are the ways you and your partner can communicate your love for your newborn and cement a relationship with him.


Responding to your baby’s needs in a predictable, loving way helps him develop trust in you and in the world. You won’t be spoiling him if you pick him up when he cries and feeding on demand is important at this stage.


If you are not bonding easily, getting anxious about it will only worsen the situation. Rather, focus on the parts of baby care that are most enjoyable – maybe bathing, or feeding. Take the time to really get to know and love your baby.

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